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With your commitment to Gator Collective, you are opening the door for your favorite athletes to be compensated for their name, image, and likeness in a wide variety of ways. We proudly represent 150+ different athletes across nine different sports, and thanks to your help, we are able to provide them with the following opportunities to expand their brands.

Twitter Spaces

Are you interested in getting to know more about your favorite athletes? Would you like to ask them a specific question or two about themselves or their experiences? Great news: with our Twitter spaces, you can! Hosted by various Gator media members and personalities, our Twitter spaces feature a live conversation with Gator Collective athletes that help fans get to know them a little bit better. After the hosts have finished asking their questions, the floor is then opened up to fans, who can request a mic and ask the athletes anything they want!

84 Reasons Podcast

Hosted by former Florida Gator football All-American Ben Troupe, 84 Reasons is the official Gator Collective podcast- and it’s a podcast that features not interviews, but conversations. There are, as Ben likes to say, 84 reasons why the Gator Collective athlete being interviewed is who they are. In his own inimitable charismatic style, Ben engages with his guests in a one-on-one dialogue that takes the listeners through their life stories and demonstrates to the world what makes them unique.

Other Interview Appearances

In addition to our official podcast, 84 Reasons, Gator Collective also helps set up appearances from its athletes on various Florida Gator-focused podcasts and radio shows. These include Gators Breakdown, Gettin’ Swamped, The Buddy Martin Show, WRUF, Locked On Gators, In All Kinds Of Weather Forecast, Stadium And Gale, On3, The Mark Moses Show, and more.

Fan Engagement Events

Have you ever wanted to just kick back and relax with some of your favorite athletes? Gator Collective makes that happen! Between our Fan Fest event at Touchdown Terrace in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium to various other meet-and-greet events throughout the Sunshine State, there are plenty of opportunities for you to meet up with Gator Collective athletes and hang out in a casual, relaxed setting. One specific benefit to being a member of Gator Collective: you’ll get discounted ticket rates, and the first opportunities to purchase tickets before they go on sale to the general public.

A few of our Events are:


Relationship Ribs | Gator Gatherings

Game Day Tailgates

Live Virtual Q&A’s | Virtual Events

Personalized Messages

Do you know someone who’s a huge Gator fan, and would be absolutely floored to receive a personal video message from a certain Gator Collective athlete? Maybe it’s their birthday, and a certain message from a certain someone would make this their best birthday ever. Or perhaps they’re sick and in need of being cheered up. Regardless of the circumstances, Gator Collective can have a certain athlete record a personalized video message for someone, wishing them a happy birthday, good luck on an exam, or anything else you can think of!

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