About Gator Collective

The mission of Gator Collective is simple:

to provide fans with exclusive access to, and experiences with, their favorite Gator athlete. By providing these experiences, it allows the Gator Collective to compensate athletes for their name, image, and likeness (NIL).

How Does Gator Collective Make That Mission A Reality?


By joining Gator Collective, you are committing to your favorite Gator athletes.

Fans commit to a monthly pledge, starting at just $9.99/month, and those pledges allow Gator Collective to pay Gator student-athletes to provide fans with exclusive content. This includes autographs, interviews, social media content, live appearances at events, and other fan engagement opportunities. We’ve even had some players record personalized videos for their biggest fans wishing them a happy birthday!


Join the greatest team in college sports today!

The Gator Collective Origin Story

July 1, 2021, marked a seismic legislation shift that changed the game.

Intercollegiate athletes are now permitted under Florida law to earn compensation for the use of their name, image, and likeness (often referred to as NIL). Former Florida baseball player Eddie Rojas saw this as a huge opportunity for Gator fans to level the playing field when it came to opportunities available for both current and future Gator athletes. Determined to get ahead of rival schools, Eddie put together a team of Gator fans and Alumni to help build the Gator Collective.

Eddie Rojas and his wife, Kelli, provided the initial capital contribution to get Gator Collective up and running. Fort Lauderdale-based lawyer Darren Heitner, who specializes in sports-related law, was retained to provide legal counsel and ensure that all operations comply with NIL law. Countless pro bono hours were put in by the team behind the scenes to prepare the Collective for launch, and on September 2, 2021, Gator Collective officially lifted off the ground.

Not long after launching, Zach Carter, a defensive lineman on the 2021 football team, became the first athlete to sign with us. Since then, our list of athletes has grown into the 80s across nine sports, and over 2,500 Gator fans have signed up to support their favorite players. We look forward to continuing to grow both those numbers and continuing to increase the continuously-growing impact the fans and athletes have on each other.

Gator Collective Is A Proud Sponsor Of The Florida Gators

On January 31, 2022, Gator Collective became a sponsor of the Florida Gators. Read more about what Florida Gators athletic director Scott Stricklin had to say about the sponsorship here.

Gator Collective is part of GatorsNIL

The University of Florida launched GatorsNIL, a hub for all NIL opportunities available to Florida Athletes. Through the initiative, the Florida Gators are able to promote the various NIL opportunities in accordance with conference and NCAA regulations. To learn more about what Athletic Director, Scott Stricklin had to say, watch their video at GatorsNIL.com.

Check out the recent tweet by the Florida Gators Twitter page below.

Support Our Gator Greats

Many Florida Gator Athletes have provided incredible memories over the past several decades. They’ve provided experiences that we’ll cherish forever. Some went on to play professionally, others started businesses or took up other careers, and a few have retired from their sports careers.

Regardless, they are all Gators, and living by our code of Gators Helping Gators, we aim to support our fellow Gators for life. Check out what our Gator Greats & Past Athletes are up to these days by clicking below.

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